The WGAM conducts twenty-four amateur competitions for its members in five different handicap classes, in addition to the Spring Team and Fall Cup Matches. For specific information about each tournament, click on the highlighted name of the event on the WGAM 2017 Women’s Tournament Schedule. For information on junior tournaments, visit our Junior Golf section.

WGAM 2017 Tournament Schedule.

Spectators are always welcome at WGAM events, but they must comply with the WGAM Spectator Policy. All participants in WGAM events must agree to abide by the Dress Code and the Code of Conduct.

WGAM is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in working on any of the committees please complete the WGAM Volunteer Form.

Tournament Cancellations

Severe weather conditions may force the cancellation of a tournament. The WGAM Tournament Committee is soley responsible for the cancellation of tournament days. Up-to-date information about the status of a tournament may be obtained by accessing the WGAM telephone information line at 774-430-9010 or by checking this site.

Rules & Regulations

All competitions will be played in strict accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf, except where modified by local rules in effect at the time of the tournament. Conditions of the Competition are provided to players prior to the start of each tournament and govern all aspects of play.

All entrants must agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the association regarding tournament play. In all WGAM tournaments (including Spring Teams and Fall Cup), unless otherwise stated in the “Conditions of the Competition” or announced at the event, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance ONLY. Please refer to the 2017 Blue Book for detailed information. All WGAM events are played in strict accordance with the USGA rules of golf. To obtain a copy of the 2016 USGA Rule Book, and for more information about the rules, visit the USGA website.


A member’s USGA handicap index determines her eligibility to play in each event. All tournaments are open to WGAM individual members who hold amateur playing status. The 2016 Spring Team handicaps will be based on the 2015 revision date of November 1st. You can check your current GHIN Handicap by visiting on

Handicap Classes

A member may participate only in the Class Championship for her handicap index. If her handicap index goes down, she may participate in that lower handicap championship. If her handicap index goes up, she cannot then participate in a higher handicap championship. For example, if she plays in the Class B Championship and her handicap index then goes up to 18.1 she cannot play in the Class C Championship. Handicap indexes are as follows:

Class A not to exceed 14.0

Class B 14.1 – 18.0

Class C 18.1 – 21.0

Class D 21.1 – 24.0

Class E 24.1 – 36.0