Brief History: In 1946, Margaret Curtis and Harriot Curtis presented the WGAM with the Senior Bowl to be held for one year by the senior champion with the lowest gross score. In 1958, Mrs. M.E. Philbrick presented the WGAM with the Senior Net Trophy for an event in conjunction with the Senior Championship. The low net scorer will receive the trophy to hold for one year and receive a small replica to keep. In 1980 the age for eligibility was raised from 50 to 55 due to the increased numbers of WGAM players in those age groups.

Senior Bowl multiple year winners:

  • 13 Times: Nancy Black
  • 5 Times: Mrs Charles Bartholomew, Karen Richardson
  • 4 Times: Ann Sampson
  • 3 Times: Florence McClusky
  • 2 Times: Margaret Curtis, Mrs. Roy Heffernan, Mildred Prunaret, Mrs. Richard Hart, May Jackson, Eileen Kenefick, Betsy Perrott, Mary Berman, Roberta Bolduc, Carol Clarey, Mary Gale

Past Winners

1946Brae BurnMrs. Christopher Haigh94
1947Brae BurnMargaret Curtis87
1948Brae BurnMrs. Patrick E. Hanaver90
1949Brae BurnMrs. John D. Woodfin86
1950WoodlandMargaret Curtis85
1951Brae BurnMrs. William M. Austin90
1952WestonMrs. Roy Heffernan85
1953WoodlandMrs. George Buell90
1954WestonMrs. Henri Prunaret89
1955OakleyMrs. Henri Prunaret85
1956The Country ClubMrs. Charles. F. Bartholomew85
1957Brae BurnMrs. Charles. F. Bartholomew77
1958Pine BrookMrs. Roy Heffernan85
1959WoodlandMrs. Charles. F. Bartholomew83
1960KernwoodMrs. Charles. F. Bartholomew81
1961WestonMrs. Charles. F. Bartholomew83
1962VesperMrs. Willard. Howard82
1963Charles RiverRose O’Neil80
1964Brae BurnMrs. Richard Hart82
1965BelmontMrs. Henry B. Jackson82
1966Oak HillMrs. Chapin Fay83
1967WoodlandMrs. Lesley Sampson81
1968ThomsonMrs. Lesley Sampson83
1969Mt PleasantFlorence McClusky85
1970HalifaxMrs. Henry B. Jackson80
1971WestonNancy Black81
Florence McClusky81
1972SalemMrs. Richard Hart85
Mrs. Lesley Sampson85
1973HaverhillMrs. Lesley Sampson78
1974PembrokeFlorence McClusky87
1975HalifaxNancy Black79
1976HyannisportEileen Kenefick80
1977Spring ValleyNancy Black78
1978Eastward Ho!Nancy Black82
1979WellesleyEileen Kenefick84
1980ThomsonPeggy Clark83
1981WiannoNancy Black78
1982Holden HillsNancy Black78
1983PocassetNancy Black79
1984MarshfieldNancy Black79
1985Indian RidgeClara Kelliinui83
1986KernwoodNancy Black82
1987CohassetNancy Black79
1988Mt PleasantNancy Black82
1989BeverlyLois Rautiola81
1990Blue HillFay DeRuvo76
1991OakleyEleanor Tietje85
1992CaptainsBetsy Perrott79
1993HatherlyNancy Black81
1994BeverlyMary Berman79
1995NashawtucNancy Black83
1996WorcesterSally Fish81
1997SpringfieldBetsy Perrott75
1998LakevilleMary Berman80
1999Berkshire HillsRoberta Bolduc75
2000KittansettRoberta Bolduc84
2001PresidentsCarol Clarey82
2002VesperBarbara Fitzpatrick81
2003FoxboroughKaren Richardson77
2004FranklinKaren Richardson73
2005PlymouthCarol Clarey77
2006Thorny LeaKaren Richardson79
2007Nashawtuc CCKaren Richardson77
2008Segregansett CCVictoria MacKay77
2009Andover CCKaren Richardson75
2010Taconic GCMary Gale78
2011WiannoAnnette Gaiotti78
2012Cranberry Valley GCMary Gale77
2013Ludlow CCGail Regan75
2014Wyantenuck CCKathy Duguay76
2015Blue Hill CCCynthia Friend77
2016Ledgemont CCA/B: Christine Gagner72
C/D/E: Jill Appel91
2017Indian PondA/B: Barb Hecimovich76
C/D/E: Jill Appel89

Past Results