Any female high school senior with an interest in golf may apply to become a WGAM Junior Scholar. Selection will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Character and personality
  • High school academic performance and record
  • Leadership qualities
  • Community/civic involvement
  • Resident of Massachusetts

The WGAM Junior Scholarship Selection Committee will conduct personal interviews with all applicants. The applicant’s relative financial position determines only the size of the monetary award, if any, not whether the applicant is selected as a WGAM Junior Scholar. To learn more about applying for a scholarship, visit our scholarship info page.

2017 WGAM Junior Scholars

  • Emma Alyse McCloskey, Stetson University
  • Samantha Joan Leary, Assumption College
  • Emily Kate Rodricks, College of the Holy Cross
  • Hayden Noelle Gillooly, Williams College
  • Mallory Marie Poelaert, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Olivia Pallant McCulloch, Bates College
  • Meghan Patricia Doheny, Providence College
  • Olivia Renee Siroonian, University of Vermont
  • Madeline Reagan McCarthy, American University
  • Winabel B. McCabe, Brown University

2017 Gerry Baker Scholars

  • Anna Haynes
  • Madison Streeter
  • Colette Basiliene
  • Mackenzie Mayhew
  • Marissa Wills
  • Emma McCloskey
  • Mikaela Montemagni
  • Hayden Gillooly
  • Jordan Yung
  • Taylor Sanborn


2017 WGAM/Dolly Sullivan/Francis Ouimet Scholarship


2016 WGAM Junior Scholars

  • Lauren Joan Fantaroni, University of Tampa
  • Kathryn Madelyn Daley, Stonehill College
  • Catherine Nash French, Assumption College
  • Hannah Lynn Ghelfi, University of Michigan
  • Bethan Grace Martin, Boston College
  • Caroline Marie Codair, Simmons College
  • Jennifer Marie Keim, Florida Atlantic University
  • Julia Meehgan Ford, University of Virginia

2016 WGAM/Dolly Sullivan Award

  • Jacqueline Gonzalez

2016 Gerry Baker Scholars

  • Molly Burke
  • Julia Ford
  • Catherine N. French
  • Anna Haynes

2016 WGAM/Dolly Sullivan/Francis Ouimet Scholarship

  • Jennifer M. Keim
  • Camden L. Morrison

2015 WGAM Junior Scholars

  • Bridget Burke, The University of Massachusetts-Bridgewater
  • Annie Doherty, The University of Massachusetts-Bridgewater
  • Sophia Morrill, Sewanee: The University of the South
  • Mackenzie Ryan, Methodist University
  • Lydia Yi, Gordon College
  • Bailey Loughlin, University of Massachusetts-Westfield
  • Alexa Popp, University of Massachusetts-Westfield
  • Jennifer Solimine, University of Massachusetts- Boston

2015 WGAM/Dolly Sullivan Award

  • Emma Martin

2015 Gerry Baker Scholars

Molly Burke
Olivia Brooks
Anna Haynes
Christine Murphy

2015 WGAM/Dolly Sullivan/Francis Ouimet Scholarship

  • Mary Mulcahy
  • Abigail Hood

2014 WGAM Junior Scholars

  • Jacquelyn Eleey, Georgetown University
  • Anna Haynes, Franklin Pierce University
  • Abigail Hood, Sacred Heart University
  • Janice Lee, Cornell Univerisity
  • Madilynn West, Boston University
  • Danielle Lapierre, Sacred Heart University

2014 WGAM/Dolly Sullivan Award

  • Anna Haynes, Franklin Pierce University

2014 Gerry Baker Scholars

  • Katie Nelson, Megan Burke, Molly Burke, Olivia Brooks

2014 WGAM/Dolly Sullivan/Francis Ouimet Scholarship

  • Mary Mulcahy
  • Camden Morrison

2013 WGAM Junior Scholars

  • Cora Bernier, Lisa Calcasola, Stephanie Frankian, Megan Kiley,
  • Heeamin Lee, Jacqueline Schofield, Olivia Sequin, Isla Duckett

2013 WGAM Gerry Baker Scholar

  • Katie Nelson, Megan Burke, Molly Burke, Olivia Brooks

2013 WGAM/Dolly Sullivan/Francis Ouimet Scholarship

  • Mary Mulcahy