The Blue Book

The Blue Book

Every year (spring) WGAM members and member clubs receive the Blue Book, an indispensable annual guide to the activities of the Association, which contains detailed information about our tournaments, tournament and award winners, member clubs and Association policies and procedures.  Click here to view our current Blue Book.

The Junior Girls' Blue Blue Book

The Jr. Blue Book

The Junior Girls’ Blue Book has been combined with our adult book. It will be mailed out in early spring. If you or someone you know would like a copy, please call the WGAM office at 774-430-9010. 

WGAM Directions Book …to the Fairways of Massachusetts

WGAM Direction Book

This book includes driving directions to all WGAM member clubs as well as non-member clubs in MA. Now available! Call the office for details.

On the Greens of Massachusetts

On the Greens of Massachusetts

The WGAM Centennial Book (2000). Copies may be purchased by calling the WGAM office at 774-430-9010, or by sending in an order form.

Spring Team Players’ Pamphlet

Spring Team Players' Pamphlet

Every year, a “new” Spring Team Players’ Pamphlet, containing specific rules and regulations about the Spring Team Matches, was distributed to the hundreds of players who participated in the tournament series.  Click here to view our current Spring Team Pamphlet.



Please click here to read the WGAM general Local Rules Hard Card.

WGAM Pace of Play Card


Please click here for the general WGAM Pace of Play information (Blue Card).

2016 Annual Meeting


Please click here to read the 2016 Annual Meeting Program. The Annual Meeting was held on Novemer 15, 2016 at the Charles River Country Club. Nearly 100 members fro 42 member clubs were in attendance.