Privacy Policy

WGAM Web Site Privacy Policy

Welcome to the web site of the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts (WGAM). We hope that you will visit often and that this site will provide helpful and timely information to you.

As a user of our web site, the WGAM wants you to know our policy concerning any information we might collect and use in connection with this web site. The following will answer most of the questions you may have about privacy issues related to the WGAM web site.

WGAM Policy on Linked Sites

The WGAM does not accept advertising from commercial organizations, nor does it solicit or display links to any such organization on its web site. Links to non-profit organizations devoted to the game of golf are added subject to the approval of the WGAM web site committee and are listed solely for the convenience of members and others using the WGAM web site. The WGAM is not responsible for the content of any link appearing on our web site.