This award was first presented in 1994, and is named in honor of Anne Marie Tobin, President of the WGAM in 1994-1995, and seven time winner of the Association Championship in 1988, 1991-1995 and 2000. Points are awarded for performance in WGAM events, USGA events and other regional and national competitions. The award is given to the WGAM member who earns the most Player of the Year points, and the player will be honored at the WGAM Annual Meeting. Her name will be added to a plaque which is on display at the WGAM Office.

 Congratulations to Shannon Johnson for winning the WGAM Player of the Year!

2016 Player of the Year Standings

Rank Player Point Total
1Shannon Johnson1215
2Pam Kuong895
3Katie Barrand617.5
4Hannah Ghelfi555
5Jacquelyn Eleey545
6Sophie DiPetrillo410
7Abby Hood367.5
8Christine Gagner320
9Tara Joy Connelly300
T10Camden Morrison270
T10Allison Paik270
12Jennifer Keim267.5
13Joanne Catlin227.5
14Cindy Fentross195
15Karen Richardson187.5
16Isabel Southard180
17Sally DeGan160
18Mary Gale155
19Jacqueline Gonzalez145
20Annie Hogan140
21Megan Buck135
22Janet Kelly125
23Angela Garvin115
24Chloe DiPetrillo107.5
25Emily Nash105
T26Alyssa Morahan 100
T26Natalie Galligan 100
28Kelsey Baker82.5
29Danielle Lee70
30Anne Walsh67.5
31Chris Coughlin60
T32Cheryl Krueger55
T32Larren Milosh55
T32Claire Sheldon55
35Mary Marengi50
T36Gabrielle Shieh40
T36Susan Curtin40
T36Nancy Diemoz40
39Catherine French32.5
T40Georgia Peirce30
T40Mary Jane O’Neill30
42Terry Boyce15
T43Tracy Welch10
T43Barb Hecimovich10
T45Rita Bedard5
T45Sharon Hayes5
T45Erin O’Hara5

Anne Marie Tobin Player of the Year Winners

Year Player
1994 Anne Marie Tobin
1995 Anne Marie Tobin
1996 Tara Joy
1997 Donna Glazer
1998 Laura Torrisi
1999 Melanie Curtin
2000 Anne Marie Tobin
2001 Laura Torrisi
2002 Tracy Welch
2003 Dana Harrity
2004 Karen Richardson
2005 Tara Joy Connelly
2006 Tara Joy Connelly
2007 Tara Joy Connelly
2008 Tara Joy Connelly
2009 Tara Joy Connelly
2010 Tara Joy Connelly
2011 Mary Chamberlain
2012 Pamela Kuong
2013 Tara Joy Connelly
2014 Tara Joy Connelly
2015Megan Khang
2016Shannon Johnson