First Name Last Name Club Affiliation
Club Name ChangePlease see Page T-Vfor members of TGC (formerly GC of Cape Cod)
RobinArnoldCape Cod National Golf Club
CarolO’NeilCape Cod National Golf Club
KathrynPhillipsCape Cod National Golf Club
JudyBarnsteadCaptains Golf Course, The
CindyBinghamCaptains Golf Course, The
AnnDemingCaptains Golf Course, The
PaigeFerragutoCaptains Golf Course, The
ChristineHardmanCaptains Golf Course, The
ChrisHardyCaptains Golf Course, The
JudyHarrisonCaptains Golf Course, The
JaniceLovewellCaptains Golf Course, The
AnnMahoneyCaptains Golf Course, The
JudyMcCarthyCaptains Golf Course, The
Mary JoNabywaniecCaptains Golf Course, The
PattiPawloskiCaptains Golf Course, The
Sarah ElizabethRobinsonCaptains Golf Course, The
SharonShawCaptains Golf Course, The
MardeeVerdinaCaptains Golf Course, The
ChristinaBaileyCharles River Country Club
Mary LouiseBohnCharles River Country Club
Mary JoeClarkCharles River Country Club
Mary BethCrowleyCharles River Country Club
CharlotteCulginCharles River Country Club
SusanCurtinCharles River Country Club
JacquelineGonzalezCharles River Country Club
JessicaHughesCharles River Country Club
GretchenJohnsonCharles River Country Club
LorenKovalcikCharles River Country Club
PamKuongCharles River Country Club
BarbaraLaValleeCharles River Country Club
CarlineLynchCharles River Country Club
WendyMaslerCharles River Country Club
NancyMayCharles River Country Club
HillaryMcNeillCharles River Country Club
CathleenNallyCharles River Country Club
OrlynReeseCharles River Country Club
FranTowleCharles River Country Club
MarciaWalshCharles River Country Club
PamelaAllenCharter Oak Country Club
JillAppelCharter Oak Country Club
CherylBolandCharter Oak Country Club
DeborahCadoganCharter Oak Country Club
ShariCrottyCharter Oak Country Club
StephanieDaileyCharter Oak Country Club
CatherineHelmanCharter Oak Country Club
DebbieJohnsonCharter Oak Country Club
ElizabethJohnsonCharter Oak Country Club
SharonJonesCharter Oak Country Club
MarthaLevineCharter Oak Country Club
WandaLukehartCharter Oak Country Club
MarjorieLustigCharter Oak Country Club
VickiMihalekCharter Oak Country Club
HarriRosenbergCharter Oak Country Club
LouiseStejbachCharter Oak Country Club
MaureenTillettCharter Oak Country Club
JulieTraskCharter Oak Country Club
SuzanneFantaroniCohasse Golf Course
SusanActonCohasset Golf Club
KathleenAmesCohasset Golf Club
GailBellCohasset Golf Club
DianeBensonCohasset Golf Club
LisaBorgerCohasset Golf Club
TriciaCifrinoCohasset Golf Club
DianneCostelloCohasset Golf Club
LynnCotterCohasset Golf Club
GayleDoucetteCohasset Golf Club
JudyDrexelCohasset Golf Club
JacquelineHennesseyCohasset Golf Club
SusanHernonCohasset Golf Club
VictoriaHurleyCohasset Golf Club
TaraJoy ConnellyCohasset Golf Club
MarylouLawrenceCohasset Golf Club
KristenLillyCohasset Golf Club
JeanLubranoCohasset Golf Club
SarahMortonCohasset Golf Club
EmilyMoyCohasset Golf Club (Jr)
AnneNicholasCohasset Golf Club
MaryRocheCohasset Golf Club
TriciaRussCohasset Golf Club
JudySimondsCohasset Golf Club
ElizabethSullivanCohasset Golf Club
Sara (Sally)TagueCohasset Golf Club
Mary AnnWardCohasset Golf Club
JamieWilliamsCohasset Golf Club
SallyAbendConcord Country Club
SusanArmstrongConcord Country Club
BettyArnoldConcord Country Club
Ann MarieConnollyConcord Country Club
DeborahDewingConcord Country Club
SallyFishConcord Country Club
LeahFlaniganConcord Country Club
PamelaGardnerConcord Country Club
MaureenGrassoConcord Country Club
SallyHughesConcord Country Club
SusanKingmanConcord Country Club
CynthiaLaMotheConcord Country Club
AnneMageeConcord Country Club
JanetMasonConcord Country Club
NancyMessinaConcord Country Club
DianneOlmstedConcord Country Club
DeirdrePainterConcord Country Club
AnneRandleConcord Country Club
LisaRobbConcord Country Club
CathleenTilneyConcord Country Club
DeniseThompsonConcord Country Club
Mary-WrenvanderWildenConcord Country Club
CarolineWesterConcord Country Club
LouiseWielandConcord Country Club
ChandlerWoodlandConcord Country Club
MarthaDuffyCranberry Valley Golf Course
FloraGaudetCranberry Valley Golf Course
Flora MarieGaudetCranberry Valley Golf Course
JoanHubbardCranberry Valley Golf Course
JenniferKeimCranberry Valley Golf Course
MaryKraszeskiCranberry Valley Golf Course
AnneMcNeilCranberry Valley Golf Course
KathleenMingleCranberry Valley Golf Course
SusanPleinesCranberry Valley Golf Course
Mary AnnWallCranberry Valley Golf Course
CarolClareyCrestwood Country Club
KerryDolanCrumpin-Fox Golf Club
ElizabethDolbyCrumpin-Fox Golf Club
JeanSimmonsCrumpin-Fox Golf Club
AnnTwohigCrumpin-Fox Golf Club
MegWatsonCrumpin-Fox Golf Club
MaryChamberlainCummaquid Golf Club
JudithKrzynowekCummaquid Golf Club
NicoleBrownCyprian Keyes Golf Club
Kelly MFitzgeraldCyprian Keyes Golf Club
JuliaFordCyprian Keyes Golf Club
SuzannePalmerCyprian Keyes Golf Club
MaryAnneAntonellisDedham Country and Polo Club
JillBrancaDedham Country and Polo Club
DorisCatlinDedham Country and Polo Club
EllieCraverDedham Country and Polo Club
VirginiaDukeDedham Country and Polo Club
JudyFrodighDedham Country and Polo Club
SarahFullerDedham Country and Polo Club
MazzieGogolakDedham Country and Polo Club
CarolGregoryDedham Country and Polo Club
MelissaHemDedham Country and Polo Club
BethKlencheskiDedham Country and Polo Club
BetteLaveryDedham Country and Polo Club
LindaLoganDedham Country and Polo Club
BeverlyMaddenDedham Country and Polo Club
Sarah AnnMahoneyDedham Country and Polo Club
NancyMarandettDedham Country and Polo Club
JeanMcDonnellDedham Country and Polo Club
CricketMullaneyDedham Country and Polo Club
LinMurrayDedham Country and Polo Club
LisaProcterDedham Country and Polo Club
LindyRechtDedham Country & Polo Club
JeannetteReynoldsDedham Country and Polo Club
NancyRobertsDedham Country and Polo Club
EdithStevensDedham Country and Polo Club
KatharineSturgisDedham Country and Polo Club
CynthiaWilcoxDedham Country and Polo Club
MarianBagnallDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
VirginiaBarnesDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
DonnaContardoDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
CyndiCorsaroDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
KathrynFlettDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
PatriciaGrahamDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
ShelleyJohnDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
BethKidwellDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
MaryanneLyonsDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
Kathleen AMonahanDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
DianeOtaDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
VeliaPolaDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
GeralynWarrenDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
JeanWrightDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
DarbyZirukDennis Pines/Highlands Golf Club
LisaDowlingDudley Hill Golf Club
KristinEmersonDuxbury Yacht Club
ConstanceEnnissDuxbury Yacht Club
JudyHoldenDuxbury Yacht Club
TeakHewittDuxbury Yacht Club
AnnMullinsDuxbury Yacht Club
Marylisa (ML)NicholsDuxbury Yacht Club
BethRobinsonDuxbury Yacht Club
AyresThompsonDuxbury Yacht Club
JuliaTrueloveDuxbury Yacht Club
KarenWeissDuxbury Yacht Club
SusanCurtinEastward Ho! Country Club
EdieHamiltonEastward Ho! Country Club
GeorgiaPeirceEastward Ho! Country Club
KathieStevensEastward Ho! Country Club
MaryHarrisEllinwood Country Club
WendyRipleyEllinwood Country Club
AnneRoyEllinwood Country Club
BonnieStewartEllinwood Country Club
JudyThayerEllinwood Country Club
LindaWojtkowskiEllinwood Country Club
AnneBartonEssex County Club
KathleenDalyEssex County Club
DarbyFrenchEssex County Club
VictoriaPhilipEssex County Club
MarthaSmeallieEssex County Club
ValerieVitaleEssex County Club
AlbyWaughEssex County Club