Individual Membership

Any female, as defined in accordance with the rules and policies of the USGA, who is an amateur golfer, may apply for membership in the WGAM. Categories of membership are defined below:

  • Regular members shall be those individuals who are members of, or associated with, a WGAM member club who hold an active handicap from such club. Max. handicap is 36.0; Dues are $65.00.
  • Associate members shall be those individuals who are members of, or associated with, a WGAM member club, whether or not they hold a handicap from such club. Associate members are not eligible for tournament play, but are entitled to all other privileges of membership in the WGAM, including, without limitation, seminars and information sessions. Dues are $25.00.
  • Young Adult members shall be individuals who meet criteria of regular members and  are age 19-22 years.  They are not eligible for junior tournaments because of age.  They can play in adult tournaments.  Dues are $35.00.  This level of membership began in 2015 season.
  • Junior members shall be Massachusetts residents or have parents, a single parent, or a guardian who is a member of, or associated with, a Massachusetts golf club. No person can be a junior member if she has reached her 19th birthday or has begun her first semester of college.
  • 2017 WGAM members by club will be posted April 2017  and be updated throughout the season.

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Club Membership

Clubs must meet certain membership requirements, pay annual dues of $125.00 and agree to make their course available for WGAM tournaments. Specific information about new club membership may be obtained by contacting the WGAM office.

Click here for a club membership application.

Junior Membership

A membership in the WGAM is not required for Junior events. Junior girls who wish to receive WGAM mailings and junior tournament information need only contact the WGAM office for placement on the mailing list or complete the Junior Information form. More information about the junior program can be found in our Junior Golf section.

If a junior girl wishes to play in WGAM Women’s Tournaments she must meet all the requirements of regular membership (see above) and pay annual dues to the WGAM of $25.00.