A membership in the WGAM is not required for Junior events. Junior girls who wish to receive WGAM mailings and junior tournament information need only contact the WGAM office for placement on the mailing list or complete the Junior Information Form.

Junior members shall be Massachusetts residents or have parents, a single parent, or a guardian who is a member of, or associated with, a Massachusetts golf club. No person can be a junior member if she has reached her 19th birthday or has begun her first semester of college.

If a junior girl wishes to play in WGAM Women’s Tournaments she must meet all the requirements of regular membership Membership Info Section and pay annual dues to the WGAM of $25.00.

Tournament Classes

Girls may participate in WGAM junior tournaments regardless of golfing ability or experience, therefore, a handicap is not required. Tournaments are divided into three age-related divisions:

  • Junior Class Any girl who has not reached her 19th birthday by the closing date of the tournament. A competitor of 18 years of age is eligible only if she has not yet begun her first semester of post high school education.
  • Junior-Junior Class Any girl who has not reached her 14th birthday by the closing date of the tournament.
  • Mite Class Any girl age 10 years or younger by the closing date of the tournament.

Junior Mailing

Every year, during March/April, the Junior Mailing is sent out with information for the coming junior golf season. The Blue Book is sent to our regular members every April.

Any junior wishing to receive the Blue Book should complete the Junior Information Form or contact the WGAM office.

Additional Information

Opportunities for girls to participate in other state, regional and national golf events of all kinds are increasing each year. Each spring we compile extensive information about junior golf related activities for distribution to girls whose names are on our mailing list. To learn more about our junior program, or to have a name added to the mailing list, please contact the WGAM. To view the current junior calendar of state, regional and local events, click here.