Awards for Achievement and Excellence

The WGAM believes that it is of great importance to recognize the achievements of our diverse group of members. Although we play for the love of the game, it is pleasant to be reminded of success on and off the golf course.

Awards for Achievement

Each year the WGAM celebrates and honors the Anne Marie Tobin Player of the Year, a WGAM member who has compiled an outstanding record of amateur golf achievement during the past season, based on a Player of the Year point system. Starting in 2007, the WGAM will present a Mid-Amateur Award to the Class A Player over the age of 25 with the lowest combined scores from two of our major championships: The WGAM Amateur Championship (qualifying round) and the Keyes Cup. Finally, the WGAM acknowledges every member who has achieved a “Hole-in-One” during the last season. They are listed in the blue book and also receives a “Hole-in-One” pin in recognition of their accomplishment.

Awards for Excellence and Service

Two awards are given to recognize excellence. The Dolly Sullivan Junior Award, first given in 1994, is given each year to a high school senior who has played in WGAM events and who best exemplifies, in her spirit and behavior, the ideals and values of Dolly Sullivan, a beloved member of the WGAM. The May Jackson Award, first given in 1988, honors outstanding women who have contributed to the growth and continuity of the WGAM.

Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance to Junior Golfers

The WGAM interviews high school seniors and recommends qualified candidates to The WGAM Junior Scholarship Fund, Inc., founded in 1985 as a separate entity from the WGAM. The Fund is exempt from federal income tax as a charitable organization. The purpose of the WGAM Junior Scholarship Fund, to provide recognition and scholarship aid to deserving junior golfers who have participated in the WGAM Junior Golf tournament program.  Click Here for an application.

The Gerry Baker Scholarship is awarded to a female of any age who is a resident of the Massachusetts counties of Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire and Worcester who is or will be attending an accredited institutuion of higher learning and has shown an interest in golf.  Gerry Baker was an active and proud member of the Taconic Golf CLub and an ardent supporter of women’s golf in Massachusetts. Click Here for an application.

The Ouimet Fund strongly encourages women to apply for its scholarship. In 2006-2007, the Ouimet Fund awarded 321 scholarships, of which, 44 were awarded to female Ouimet Scholars. In addition to the WGAM/Dolly Sullivan Scholarship, the Ouimet Fund has 70 endowed awards open to Ouimet Scholars, several of which are for females only, including an endowed scholarship for young women in honor of former WGAM President, the late Mildred Gardinor Prunaret.

Applicants need only apply for the Ouimet Scholarship and the Ouimet Committees match scholars with specific endowed awards.  Go To for more information