In March 1900, six women from four area clubs — Brae Burn, Concord, Oakley and The Country Club — gathered in Boston to promote the game of golf. They wanted to encourage more women to play the game, enjoy the sport, and expand their own opportunities for competition. Consequently, the Women’s Golf Association of Boston was formed to promote interest in women’s golf. Over the 100 years since then, many things have changed but the mission of the organization remains the same.

In 1929, the constitution and by-laws were modified and the organization became the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts. The organization vastly expanded its reach and its ability to promote interest in women’s golf. The WGAM accepts both private and public courses as members. This inclusive policy has served us well — today one-half of our member clubs are public or semi-private and bring us 30% of our membership, as well as some of our top players.

Recognizing the need to bring girls into the game at a younger age, the WGAM started a junior golf program in 1930. Our commitment to juniors remains strong: we administer tournaments for girls regardless of golfing ability or experience and actively promote a broad range of junior golf activities.

The WGAM has a long tradition of excellence in the sport. The roster of past WGAM champions includes some of the most famous names in women’s golf: Margaret and Harriot Curtis, Glenna Collett Vare, Mildred Gardinor Prunaret and Pat Bradley. We continue to encourage our members to strive for excellence and in 1994 established The Anne Marie Tobin Player of the Year Award to honor outstanding performance.

Although our primary focus continues to be the administration of a tournament program for established golfers, we have recently expanded our mission to promote the game to the newer golfer as well. In 1998 the WGAM initiated the Alliance for Women’s Golf as a forum in which members from various regional and national organizations may share ideas and resources and work together to bring the game of golf to women of all ages and abilities.

In its first 100 years the WGAM has done a fine job of bringing women into the game of golf and providing competitive opportunities for them. With the support of our membership and the continued dedication of our volunteers, this Association will continue to be the premier women’s golf organization in Massachusetts.