Entries will be accepted in the order they are received. Close Date:  July 4 Eligibility: All Classes. Please Note: The term “Mother” includes Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Mother-in-law, who must be a WGAM member. The term “Son” includes Grandson, Great Grandson, and Son-in-law. Division 1: Sons 19 years and older Division 2: Sons 14 years to 18 years Division 3: Sons 13 years and younger In order to play in any WGAM tournament a player (the mother or grandmother)  must have a current established GHIN handicap from one of our member clubs. A list of member clubs is on the home page of this website. Also, the player must have posted 8 eighteen hole scores to her GHIN handicap in the 12 months prior to the revision date of the tournament. Revision Date: July 1, 2017 Format: Division 1 & 2: 18-hole Foursomes, selected drives, alternate shots. Partners drive from their respective tees. 40% of combined handicaps. Division 3: 9-hole Scotch, selected drives, alternate shots. Both partners drive from forward tees. Entry Fee: Divisions 1 & 2: $139.00 per team of two, $208.00 per team of three. Division 3: $102.00 per team of two, $144.00 per team of three. If team consists of a Div. 1/2 player & a Div. 3 player: $162.00 per team of three. Includes: Cart & lunch Awards: Overall and Division Trophies engraved with names of winners. Ties in each division will be decided by a match of cards in accordance with the USGA recommended method. Prizes and prize certificates. Additional Info: Golf carts are mandatory. Pairing requests will be honored when possible.

Winners – 2017: DIV I & Overall: Kathleen & Colin Natale (72)   DIV III Susan & James Curtin (35)

Kathleen and Colin Natale-001James and Susan Curtin-001


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