We again congratulate the following teams for winning the photo contest each week. Please click here to view all the photos shared each week:

Week 1: “Hair Style Appreciation Day” Team International in Cup 14, who did their best to look good

Week 2: “Derby Day” Team Bellevue in Cup 19, who shared their beautiful spring hats

Week 3: “Star Wars Day” or “Dance Like a Chicken Day” Team Sagamore Spring in Cup 1, who shook it up both in a photo and a video.

Week¬†4: “Armed Forces Appreciation Day” Team Bear Hill in Cup 19, who shared the flag of Captain Alicia McKenney’s aunt Alice MacInnes who was a WWII nurse in Europe

Week 5: “Favorite TV cast” Team Wedgewood Pines in Cup 14 for sharing the Days of Our Lives…

We are also very proud of the following ladies who carded ACES during the Spring Teams:

Week 1: Lisa Rubinstein of Blue Hills in Cup 13 at Duxbury CC

Week 2: Anne Gorczyca of Bay Club in Cup 7 at Plymouth CC

Week 3: Mary Tribou of CC of Halifax in Cup 7 at Bay Club of Mattapoisett

Week 4: Sue Robichaud of Ellinwood and Jan Macallister of Wianno in Cup 13 at the Harmon Club

Congratulations to all of you!

Hope to see everyone in next years’ Spring Teams!